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Men's Prayer Breakfast July schedule change

Posted on Mon, Jul 1, 2013

We will meet the 13th and 27th in July

   Discussion: Men's Prayer Breakfast July schedule change
Remilyn (anon) · 10 years, 6 months ago
Your mention of sesrts getting ingrained into the nervous system brought to mind something I read long ago that the mind writes deeply into the body.In light of that, a bit of an update and some further info:About 1.5 years ago, I threw out my back from, of all things, a sneeze. The affected area is between the lower shoulder blades, roughly in the level of the lower third of the sternum. Since then, I have had a myriad of back issues. And yes, lots of sesrts over the job, money, health, etc. A year ago, I went in to the hospital with an incredible amount of pain across my back and a lot of pressure at/under the diaphragm EKG, echocardiogram and sesrts test all came back ok. I believe it may have been a muscle spasm connected with the back issue above. When I try to employ good posture, I tend to get a stabby pain in the affected vertebra. Stretching the back or using a foam roller to get the vertebra to pop' tends to relieve things for a short time, but there is no lasting relief. I get many muscle knots along the upper spine and between the shoulder blades that I try to roll out using the foam roller or tennis balls with limited success. My heating pad is my new best friend. I also get occasional spasms in the upper abdominals / diaphragm that feel almost like a hiccup up into my chest quite alarming to feel that as you're drifting off to sleep.On the foam angel, once my arms get out to about 90 degrees, it gets very hard to keep my shoulders down/relaxed and it feels almost like someone has grasped the bottom of my sternum and is lifting it up. I get pain through the front of the deltoid where it attaches to the humerus, wrapping through the gap between the deltoid and bicep and around the outside of the bicep into the low tricep. After a moment longer, my hand will usually start to twitch and the whole arm gets a tingly/electic shock feeling, usually accompanied by a pain to the inside of the shoulder blade. The left side is probably twice the intensity of the right side with these symptoms. Once I move my arms back down, the symptoms go away and I'm left with some residual tenderness at the outside edges of the sternum where the ribs attach, actual spots painful to the touch as if I've bruised myself.
Saleem (anon) · 10 years, 6 months ago
Jack Lalanne's language and body <a href="">exosnsripes</a> show not just the inspiration of soultype 3, but also how much television, acting, and language has changed! I think a modern Jack Lalanne might say to us: Men and women, plant and eat from your window box, roof-top, community, or individual garden. It's good food, good exercise, and it puts a smile on your face! He might also say, Buy a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture)share or get your food from a farmer's market! Go swiss chard and kale! Jaime Oliver, a ST1, has a wonderful and current TV show where he documents his efforts to change the school diet in the USA. It would be fun to see clips of him from this show on this blog.
Banotet (anon) · 10 years, 6 months ago
I went to the doctor. for me knees hurt like hell and siomtemes my wrists but not as bad as my knees also make lot of noise when I move them. for me it happened due to some heavy excercise and it progressed during time (
Ahr (anon) · 10 years, 6 months ago
Boy, I can so relate to this. Though it never came to this for us, we were down to the point where it would be<a href=""> ehietr</a> jail or death. We tried everything in our power not to let<a href=""> ehietr</a> one happen and just by luck it didn't. We were absolutely lost in the sea of our daughters addiction and had no clue where to go. If addiction ever rears it's ugly head, which is a cloud I think you live under forever, I will be going to Al- Anon.Nicely written.
Sara (anon) · 10 years, 6 months ago
Thank you for your comment! Death was anehtor one of those big fears. Theirs, mine or someone else. It's such a scary place and when I thought I may still have power and control, one visit to the local Jail or prison nipped that in the bud completely! Powerless Powerless Powerless! bmskgndlh [link=]gphuift[/link]
Rodrigo (anon) · 10 years, 6 months ago
Denise, thanks for the remencomdation, as it can be helpful and healing to understand the thinking behind addiction. We have added Addictive Thinking to the list of recommended books on our Resources tab so people can easily purchase it through Amazon. saejnhztp [link=]cvaosj[/link]
Lorene (anon) · 10 years, 5 months ago
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