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 Church Bus needs app
   Discussion: Church Bus needs app
Rayancaleb · 1 year, 1 month ago
Hi, I am in desperate need of a bus ministry app. Currently I have a paper route list generated on MS-Excel with stop#, Kids names, Addresses, pphone,Sunday P/u time, Sun. Drop off time, and Wednesday Night P/U Time. We run 2, soon to be 3 routes, with over 120 kids. When our regulars bring visitors, we have to pencil them in, and then use a highlighter to mark all who boarded. After service, we try to check off all the kids, but since they board as a mass, not in order as on the sheet, reboarding after church takes a LONG time, with the kids getting louder and wilder the longer it takes. Wed. nights are worst, since it is dark, making it hard to read the names. Then, I came up with an idea. An app that would list the bus route, just like the paper. When a kids gets on, you tap his/her name, and it automaticly highlights the name, enters it into an attendance tracking database, AND lists the name on an alphabetical (by first name) re-load list. If you have a visitor, click on the space after the last kid listed for that stop, and an entry window would open so you could add the name, address, phone, Birthday, grade.....  After service, you would open the Re-load list, and as the kids loaded, the worker would click on the kids names as board, and the names would be removed from the list, making it easy to know at the end if any child is missing.  After the route, synch the tablets with the master attendance file, so that all the info is up to date, new kids are added, and the attendance data is locked in.  Currently, I use a laptop, but will buy whatever Pad I need to go with app. CAN ANYONE HELP ME???? Thanks I didn't find the right solution from the internet. References: 2D Promotional Video  

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